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Virtual Private Servers

Kulani ICT Solutions provides fast, reliable and secure Virtual Private Servers (VPS), our servers are hosted at Teraco, Hetzner and SEACOM Data Centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa.
Manage your virtual servers directly in our Client Portal. You will have access to reboot, shutdown or rebuild the servers as well as access various consoles, view usage graphs, manage ISO templates, set boot order and much more!
Monitor your servers' performance and bandwidth to identify possible peak usage periods.
RDP is included with all Windows VPS cloud server instances. Windows VPS instances with Windows Server are provided with a standard installation of Windows Server 2012 or 2016, ready to deploy Windows Roles & Features, or install your own applications.
Many popular accounting and financial trading applications can only be deployed on Microsoft operating systems. Deployment with easy using our VPS service by uploading your desired software suite.
Deployment of SQL Database and ASP hosted environments are supported on all Windows VPS packages.
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