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Managed Backups

Data protection is critical for a business success. Yet, with rapid data growth, increasing infrastructure complexity, and new strategic initiatives including virtualization, cloud, BYOD and compliance, legacy backup methods simply don’t meet the demands of today’s modern data center. To help you determine if your environment needs a more modern approach to backup and recovery, review the list below. If you checked any of these, it may be time to re-evaluate your data protection strategy and let Kulani ICT Solutions come to your rescue and offer you a suitable backup solution for your environment.
  • I can’t complete backups within my backup windowmanaged backups
  • I have too much data redundancy
  • I have a number of point backup tools that are hard to manage
  • My backup processes require too much manual intervention.
  • My endpoint data isn’t being protected
  • I’m not confident that I can meet my RTO and RPO for critical applications
  • My backups slow my production environment down.
  • I’m not making the most of my storage resources
  • I can’t afford to implement disaster recovery for all of my applications
  • My backup solution won’t support the cloud

Simple Solutions for

Complex Environments